Project Student Safety is a personal blog run by Scott Larson about the Lake County School District, the Lake County School Board, and the public offices that affect the safety and well-being of our children in Lake County Schools.  As the title suggests, my primary concern is safety and well-being of students and our mission is to secure the policy, resources, and determination of those we elect in pursuit of those goals.

I have maintained a safe distance from issues within education that politically divide people in order to unify as many people as possible around situations that have the potential to injure or kill children.  While many groups claim to be non-partisan only to promote partisan goals, I have no political allegiance to any political group and base our views solely based on the greatest opportunity to maximize student safety and well-being (a goal that should unify ALL people).

I have no tolerance for someone who is willing to sacrifice the life of a child to achieve a lower tax rate, to purchase no software for a classroom, or to give an educator a raise.  When a naive child, as young as 5, or as old as 17 has to travel unsafe and unreasonably long distances of travel because of State Compulsory School Attendance Laws, there is an  a-priori right to expect to not become dead as a result of that requirement.  If a school does not have the means to assure that safety, it violates the very social contract that binds a society together, and nullifies an obligation to attend that school.  I am watching Bill Mathias, Debbie Stivender, Tod Howard, Roseanne Brandeburg, and Kyleen Fischer at every board meeting (through streaming media) and will report on their actions and inactions.

I have a way for you to speak you mind and stay anonymous about the situation.  Just hit ‘publish’ on the top right and submit a blog proposal.  If it does not violate our standards or mission, I will post it.


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Monday will hopefully be Tod Howard’s last school board meeting, and with him gone, maybe the war ag [...]

- Blogging Administrator

A district wide recess policy is important because of several reasons: Our district and school leade [...]

- Blogging Administrator

Some may wonder why Lake County Schools continue to slip in their performance and operations, but th [...]

- Blogging Administrator

Lake Count Needs a Change! Tonight Tod Howard voted to waste another $95,000 on software that has no [...]

- Blogging Administrator

The Florida Supervisor of Elections has released very telling data about the primary elections, and [...]

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Support the Tavares Middle School Jazz Band as they raise funds to perform at the Florida Music Educ [...]

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Exciting announcement planned at 10 a.m. on Oct. 21 at Lake Minneola High Reading unlocks the future [...]

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Dr. Susan Moxley, Superintendent of Lake County Schools, authorized today the immediate suspension o [...]

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Excitement is in the air at Pine Ridge Elementary as three teachers have recently been recognized fo [...]

Police find abused pit-bull puppy thought to be used in dog fightLADY LAKE — Police are asking the public to help find the person who used a pit-bull puppy as " [...]

Lake County Supervisor of Elections Emogene Stegall wants to remind people who have received absente [...]

Florida man kills black bear that was breaking into his homeVictor Peters thought at first it was a burglar who broke into a sitting room at his Lady Lake home. [...]

Musician Carlos Solis holds concert to raise money for mammogramsCLERMONT — The universal language of music not only can make people feel better, in this case it may [...]

Two Umatilla residents vying for open council seatUMATILLA — Two longtime local residents — one a former City Council member and the other a former ma [...]

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More than 200 people attended the political hob nob in Eustis Thursday night to hear from candidates [...]

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The two candidates for the Leesburg City Commission Seat 4 race talked about jobs, the city’s failin [...]

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With Election Day less than two weeks away, Lake County School Board District 3 candidates Tod Howar [...]

Umatilla City Council member Peter Tarby, 58, has resigned his elected position and the city is now [...]


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The races for two of Florida's most important offices, state agriculture com [...]

- Cindy Dian Special to the Daily Commercial

More than 200 people attended the political hob nob in Eustis Thursday night to hear from candidates [...]

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South Lake residents who want to learn more about local and county candidates running for office bef [...]

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Lake County School Board Members, in a split vote, decided Monday not to embark on a search to repla [...]

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After filing the paperwork 12 days ago, Orange County Sheriff Capt. Sandy Carpenter has withdrawn hi [...]

- Livi Stanford | Staff Writer

After filing the paperwork two weeks ago, Orange County Sheriff Capt. Sandy Carpenter has withdrawn [...]

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